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eShop Image Manager is an Imaging Solution for the Automotive Collision Industry. It has been designed by a former body shop estimator well versed in the everyday procedures and requirements from that industry. Image Manager is packed with features but remains intuitive and easy to use. Read on to discover all of the features of this well-designed product and learn how it can save your writers time and hassle.

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All included with eShop's Image Manager:

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Transfer images from card to server and removes images from camera in one easy step.

Transfer images wirelessly from phone to server. (May requires additional phone app)

Creates unique 'HomePage'© displaying one image per vehicle to help visually select correct images. View images from all workstations.

Upload all images from camera to single repair order or split up to multiple RO's.

Automatically makes a copy of selected images and reduces them to VGA size (as required by insurance companies) to email or upload to estimating system.

Easily email images.

Print images with 1, 2, or 4 per page.

Add 'Canned' or custom notes for each RO.

Sends images to your installed editor to edit images.

Enlarge, pan and zoom images to full screen.

Add 'In Process' images.

Includes these additional modules

Target Date Calculator - Customer and internal target dates using any insurance company criteria

PDF Merger - Merge images, estimates, invoices or any other documents into a single page PDF for viewing, printing or emailing.

Rental Request

Towing Request

Windshield Sheet Creator

Eliminate the hassle and time dealing with images throughout your shop!

- Only $29.95 per month (single location, unlimited workstations)

What are customers are saying about eShop Image Manger....

"...Best body shop "helper" product we have found! Makes dealing with images a breeze. Target date caculator is a gem as well! Huge time savings for our writers while adding consistency... Now added the CCC companion Production Report which produced a very useable printout for all departments."

Mike Townley, Caliber Collision Centers

" We use all of the features in all of our shops. Largest return on investment ever. Pays dividends every day..."

Roni Gill, 101 Collision Centers/Caliber Collision Center

"This software is a game changer in every area. Simply Brilliant! It has increased our efficiency by 50% through accurate parts ordering, minimizing supplements, and keeping our entire team in the game..."

Anthony Guinn. Operations Manager, Cerritos Collision

When adding Image Manager on a workstation in a shop where it is currently installed, go to another workstation with Image Manager installed and start the program. Find the button on the lower right of the screen that says 'About' and click it. Jot down the account number. This is the number you will need when installing Image Manager on a new workstation.