eShop Image Manager Installation

1.   Print this page for later reference. If you have already installed eShop anywhere on your network, proceed to step 5.

2.   Upon closing this page, eShop will download a Zip file. Depending on your settings, this may go to your download folder or you can choose a folder. We recommend the desktop. Ignore any warnings downloading file. Please note that all other dialog windows that give you choices to run or save, select Run.

3.   If it downloads to your download folder, open that folder up and right click the file. If it is on your desktop, right click on it.

4.   Choose “Extract to…” to select a location. Make sure you do not double-click on the file or it will unzip it to your desktop. This is important to unzip it to the location where the images will be located. This should be on a network drive.

5.   When the previous step is completed, it will create a folder called “eShop Technologies” with some files and folders in it. One of the files is named Setup.bat (or just Setup). This is where every workstation in your shop will start from for the initial installation. From here, click Setup.bat and begin the installation.

6. If the extracting is set to the desired location, installation on all workstations should be seamless and setup is complete. Continue from step 5 on all other workstations on your network. If not, and you want to relocate the folder, continue to step 7.

7.When the program comes up select Setup and on the left side click Global Settings (this is where you enter the username and password you entered on the eShop Wizard). Click the “System Paths” and the top green button will allow you to move the eShop Folder to the correct location.