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My name is Mark Malin. I am the owner, designer and programmer of eShop Technologies. My background in working in the body shop industry has spanned for the last 26 years. I have installed and networked computer systems all across the country contracting to Akzo. I worked on the development team on the original ABS Shopman (now Mitchell), did software testing for Mitchell. Designed, developed and implemented a fully dynamic production system running all production in a couple of $1,000,000 per month shops, and was a writer at a shop in a chain of stores. It was my job as a writer that I began using my computer skills to increase the productivity and reduce his time at the job. I found one of the biggest problems was dealing with the images and the requirements of the insurance companies as well as the customers. I used to document all of the prior damage by taking many high-resolution images that show great detail when the car was first brought into the shop. It was in this area that I first concentrated on creating a solution. When I was done with the programming, I felt there was a huge need in the industry for this type of product and made the decision to move on from there to create eShop Technologies and to pursue software development. I have since added many other programs and a lot of custom work for the industry.

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" Best body shop "helper" product we have found! We use the upgraded Production suite which includes production, scheduling and scanning. Makes dealing with images a breeze. Target date caculator is a gem as well! Huge time savings for our writers while adding consistency..."

Mike Townley, Valley Motor Center

" We use all of the features in all of our shops. Largest return on investmentever. Pays dividends every day..."

Roni Gill, 101 Collision Centers

"His software is a game changer in every area. Simply Brilliant! It has increased our efficiency by 50% through accurate parts ordering, minimizing supplements, and keeping our entire team in the game..."

Anthony Guinn. Operations Manager.The Elite Group